Before the Beginning…

La Colina Project

Before the Beginning…

On the 14th of April, 2017 I wrote the following entry in my journal. It seems an excellent first blog entry for La Colina Project.



All of The life changing decisions I’ve made have been spontaneous and controversial.

As a teenager I left collage in Canada weeks before finishing to go work in India. When I was 30 I sold everything and gave up a high flying corporate job to ride a motorcycle across two continents. A couple years later I crossed an ocean to move in with a man 16 years my senior who I had met only months earlier – but had known from the moment we met that he was my soulmate.

Now, at 35, I have made another spontaneous and controversial decision.

We’re going to move to Mexico, and we’re taking the world with us.

I realised that this was my next step while in the bath not so long ago. We had been planning to build the “Temple for Peace” at Burning Man, and it came to me that while building and burning a sacred space for so many of our tribe was a very special thing to do, I want to go further, I want to build a place that can have a deeper impact on people who need it, that will also have a deeper impact on me.

It took no time at all to realise that Mexico was the place, and that now was the time.

I can’t clearly explain why – but then I never have been able to when I make one of these decisions. It’s just the right thing at that time.<

I told my chap/partner/lover Beave of this plan with some trepidation, not knowing how he would react. He’s adventurous and usually very supportive, but this was possibly taking things a little far:

“I want us to buy a piece of land in Mexico and create a place where we can grow all the things and where people can come and find themselves.”

Instead of telling me how crazy I am, he embraced the idea, suggesting that we should build treehouses and that the land had to be near great surf.

I am so grateful to have found someone with as adventurous a spirit as me. Who gets me, and embraces these “crazy” ideas.

So this is it.

The beginning of an adventure.

  • Jeannie Dettori

    Good luck with your new adventure. Auntie. xxxx

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