So you want to come stay with Jayne and Beave in our Mexican jungle? Yay!

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La Colina is 35,000 square metres of protected tropical jungle in the state of Nayarit, Mexico. We’re located 3 km from the pacific ocean, just outside a small (2,000 resident) village called San Pancho (It’s official name is San Francisco, so that’s what to look for on the map.)

La Colina is a wild place, with wild animals, rough roads and a rustic feel. It is not a place for people who need lots of luxury – it might be one day, but right now it’s an off-grid work in progress with composting toilets and a closeness with nature.

We welcome you to La Colina on a radically self reliant basis. Please plan to feed yourselves and remember that we are protectors of this very special piece of jungle. Leave no trace. We love art and want to encourage creativity, but please agree with us any art that you want to leave at La Colina.