About Us

Hi! We’re Jayne and Beave. We’re an adventurous pair. We met in Spain in 2014 and have been travelling the globe ever since. We try to make a positive impact everywhere we go.

La Colina Project is our chance for us to settle down for a while and let the world come to us.

We bought La Colina in 2017, it had been abandoned for several years and the jungle had taken over the buildings that the previous owner had built. We’re in the never-ending process of restoring the buildings and acting as guardians of this ancient jungle. We are introducing permaculture, while staying fully off-grid and as natural as possible.

We are located a few kilometres from the quaint, bohemian Mexican beach towns of Sayulita and San Francisco (locally known as San Pancho) in the state of Nayarit. We’re about an hour’s drive from Puerto Vallarta’s International airport.

We’d love to welcome you to experience this truly magical piece of the world, book your visit here.

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