The Road to Paradise is Not Paved.

La Colina Project

The Road to Paradise is Not Paved.

The road to paradise is not paved.

There are no crowds, no peddlers, nor shops.

This land is filled with babbling streams, butterflies, geckos and armadillos. And the birds – birds you have never seen before.

In every colour.

The night is dark, or so bright the full moon lights your every step. The sky is filled with stars, and the fireflies make you think the stars have fallen to earth.

Here you milk a local cow for your breakfast coffee, the chickens give you your omelettes, garnished with herbs from the garden.

You wake to the sound of birds singing, amongst the swaying palms and majestic old trees.

You can’t help but connect by disconnecting.

There is no need for your laptop, to stream entertainment, to post every moment.

Sit with me and a thousand butterflies in a clearing, lay on your back staring past the treetops and the soaring birds to the endless sky, create art.

A sculpture, a mural, a mosaic…

Meditate under a palm roof, practice your sun salutation overlooking endless jungle, swim in a pool that is away from it all.

Paradise does not have polished floors or air conditioned, dust free, clinical spaces.

Here you live with nature, her beauty, her sting, her inhabitants, her rage and her joy.

You are allowed to cry.

You are encouraged to laugh.

Here you feel.

The air, the heat, the humidity, the dirt, the insects, the love.

In paradise you feel at one with the earth, at one with others, at one with yourself.

If you have forgotten nature, if you are missing the feeling of growing things, if you need grounding, to be creative, to build things, to be part of community, if you are lost.

Come to paradise.  Jungle Stays & More – near San Pancho, Nayarit, Mexico


  • Julie

    So lovely to see your faces and the transformation! I see nothing but love and hard work. Best wishes and much love from Julie & Irish ?

  • Jeannie Dettori

    A thousand words paint a picture. Lovely to be surrounded by nature and to continue
    living your dream. Lovely write up Jayne, like you!

    Love Auntie. xxxx

  • Vicki & Mitch Schilling

    This is so amazing! We would love to come out and visit if possible!

    1. Jayne

      You are most welcome! Just let us know when you would like to visit.

  • Jeannie Dettori

    A picture painted with a thousand words.
    Sentiment expressed in the midst of nature
    which keeps giving back, an enduring gift
    for those who love it. Lovely write up Jayne,
    just like you.

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